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SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating for Asphalt Metal & Felt – 19 Litres



SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating for Asphalt Metal & Felt, a superior, cold applied solar reflective all in one roof coating system that can be applied to most roof types direct from the tin. A liquid, fibered asphalt roof coating which contains high-grade aluminum metallic pigments. It waterproofs, insulates, protects, preserves and beautifies both old and new asphalt roof coverings and metal roofs. Makes buildings cooler in warm climates and warmer in cold climates. Aluminium Roof Coating for Asphalt Metal & Felt’s smooth reflective surface reduces energy costs, eliminates the need for gravel and reduces future maintenance costs.


Tin size: 19 litres.
Coverage: up to 22.5m2 per tin.
Finish: silver/grey.
Suitable for: asphalt, mineral felt, concrete and metal.
Curing: Cannot be applied in damp or wet conditions or when inclement weather is expected within 24hours of application. Will receive light foot traffic in 24 hours.


Recommended minimum coverage rates vary from approximately 1.02 litres per m2 to 2.04 litres per m2 depending on the type of surface and type of system being installed. Please also take into consideration overlaps when working out the total area.


Apply straight from the container with standard roofing brushes, brooms, squeegees or rollers. No heating or thinning is required, the roof should be sound, clean & dry. All loose gravel, dust, dirt, and debris must be cleaned from the roof.

Please note a concrete or heavy-duty primer may also be required for dusty or granular surfaces.

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