Renews, Revitalises and Repairs Weather-Worn Roofs

What it's For

Heavy Duty Roof Coating System is a premium quality compound, scientifically formulated to protect newer roofs or improve and rejuvenate weathered roofs. It contains the finest raw materials, combined to help your roof withstand the tortuous weathering cycle. These unique ingredients include: “Heart of Texas” Asphalt®. The primary ingredient in Heavy Duty Roof Coating, and one of the finest premium-grade waterproofing asphalts in the world. “Heart of Texas” Asphalt® is superior to other asphalts, since it is refined to meet SWEPCO’s exacting performance specifications.

Product Description

Where it's For

SWEPCO Heavy Duty Roof Coating System can add years to the life of weatherworn roofs that have not deteriorated badly enough to require replacement. It reconditions the roof surface by restoring flexibility and strength. It also adds vital waterproofing oils and special additives that penetrate into asphalt and roofing felts, helping to restore and preserve them. Even if your roof is in good shape, SWEPCO Heavy Duty Roof Coating Heavy Duty Roof Coating System can help. It protects new or relatively new roofs by sealing in essential waterproofing oils, preserving the roof’s resiliency for years.

Key Features

What to Know

  • unique ingredients for all-weather protection
  • high strength micro fibres
  • renews, revitalises and repairs weather-worn roofs
  • state of the art “cold process” technology
  • prolongs life of new and old roofs
  • saves costly reroofing
  • quality control for better results
  • the most versatile roofing product available
  • protects your investment
  • exceeds specifications and approvals
  • no risk of fire during application
Coverage Rates

What it Covers

Do not apply to wet or damp roof surfaces. Avoid thick build-ups or puddles of the coating as this can cause shrinkage cracking.

MINIMUM COVERAGE RATES: Smooth Surface Asphalt/Asphalt Roll Roofing — 10 litres per 100 sq. ft. (1.02 liters/m2) Gravel & Other Coarse Aggregate Covered Asphalt — 20 litres per 100 sq. ft. (2.04 liters/m2) Granule & Other Fine Aggregate Covered Asphalt — 16 litres per 100 sq. ft. (1.63 liters/m2)

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