For maintaining Synthetic Roofing Membranes

What it's For

When the project calls for restoring a weathered industrial or commercial synthetic roof, no other coating provides more performance than SWEPCO Guardian Seamless Roof Coating System. Advanced polymer chemistry produces tenacious bonding to the most common weathered synthetic roofs. The result is unsurpassed waterproofing reliability and strength that stands up better to the many destructive forces at work on commercial and industrial roofs. Choose SWEPCO Guardian Seamless Roof Coating System to save that old synthetic roof membrane and avoid the high costs of roof tear-off and disposal.

Product Description

Where it's For

SWEPCO Guardian Seamless Roof Coating is a black, liquid, polymer enhanced elastomeric urethane roof coating manufactured from a high solids content of premium quality polymers, urethane resins, virgin rubber, “Heart of Texas” Asphalt, finely milled blue black slate and other proprietary chemical additives which extend performance. Excellent bond adhesion, elongation, cold flex, impact resistance, acid rain and harsh industrial environments make it ideal for use in restoring weathered synthetic roofs. Recommended
for maintenance of EPDM (Rubber), PVC (Plastic), TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin), SPUF (Sprayed-in-place Polyurethane Foam), CSPE (Hypalon®), PIB (Polyisobutylene) & CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) roofs. It provides excellent performance in both complete waterproofing systems or as a spot repair material for seams or other trouble spots.

Key Features

What to Know

  • prolongs lifespan of synthetic roofs
  • saves cost & inconvenience of roof tear off & disposal
  • compatible with and recommended for maintenance of EPDM (Rubber), PVC (Plastic), TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin), SPUF (Sprayed-in-place Polyurethane Foam), CSPE (Hypalon®), PIB (Polyisobutylene) & CPE
    (Chlorinated Polyethylene) roofs
  • guaranteed systems for seam repair and complete roof coverage
  • superior elongation and recovery, cold flex, adhesion, impact resistance & tensile strength
  • highly resistant to hail, oxidation, acid rain and harsh industrial environments
  • saves time & labour – just mix, pour and spread
  • accepts light foot traffic in as little as thirty minutes
  • maintainable surface means cost-effective service life
  • self-levelling feature produces an attractive, seamless roof
  • reflective coating ensures continuing energy savings
Coverage Rates

What it Covers

One pail yields 23 litres of mixed material. Coverage varies from 9.5 — 13 litres.per 100 sq. ft. (1.02 — 1.43 l/m2) depending upon surface and specific use. Use recommended notched squeegees to ensure uniform coverage. Two coats required when used with Heavy Duty PolyMaster at seams, flashings and trouble spots.

Must be overpainted with SWEPCO Aluminum Roof Shield or other SWEPCO Reflective Coating.

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