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Check out our answers to the frequently asked questions and if you don't find what you need below, feel free to reach out and contact us directly

Is it easy to install?

swepco-uk-logoAs long as you adhere to the product installation guidelines and use the correct system and products for the particular application.

What’s the difference between your products and similar products available?

swepco-uk-logoOur products are Heavy Duty and designed for Industrial & Commercial roof maintenance. You will find our Primers are thicker and more durable than actual roof coatings available from other companies.

How long does it take to cure?

This depends on the SWEPCO system installed. Our Guardian Seamless Roof Coating System is a two part system and will cure in 90 minutes yet our Heavy Duty Roof Coating system can take up to 30 days as it re-nourishes the existing roof.

Do I need a Top Coat?

This depends on the System chosen and the requirement of the system.
YES – Guardian Seamless Roof Coating.
VARIES – Heavy Duty Roof Coating.
NO –  Aluminum Roof Coating.
NO – White Silicone Roof Coating.

Do I need specialist tools and equipment to install?

No, all of our systems can be applied with simple tools available at any hardware store. Some of the tins require mixing where a simple drill whisk attachment is sufficient.

Can I spray apply?

Most of our products and systems can be spray applied using an airless sprayer (always refer product literature for details). Two-part systems such as our Guardian Seamless Roof Coating would specialist spray equipment.

The roof is wet can I still apply?

Only our Heavy Duty Roof Coating can be applied in wet weather and only when absolutely necessary as end finish results are compromised, however, the surface must be primed and cured prior to installation.

Can we use the roof to walk on after installation?

Walkways and work areas should be cast with an anti-slip slate granule, contact us for more information.

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