The Client

The Clients Problem

This roof was over the head office of the largest plastic section manufacturer in the country, the roof had had numerous patch repairs over the years and numerous leak points throughout. Due to the manner in which the roof was constructed, maintenance and repairs were extremely difficult, so a proposal was put forward to bring the roof to a maintainable level.


Due to the daily operation of the building a roof renewal was not an option, noise was also an issue so scarification could not take place.

The Challenge

What We Did

The roof was cleared of all loose granite chippings and the roof coated using a combination of SWEPCO Guardian Seamless Roof Coating, Heavy Duty Roof Coating and Aluminum Roof Shield, with the finishing coats spray applied using airless spray equipment.

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First Step

Assessing The Scope of Works

Second Step

Applying the First Finish

Third Step

Applying the 2nd Finish

Fourth Step

The Final Product