Energy efficient waterproofing coating for Asphalt & Metal Roofs

What it's For

Industry and commercial roofs really take a beating. From the sun, the weather, building stresses and from acid rain and other pollutants. It takes a lot more than just waterproofing to provide long lasting protection in these conditions. And no protective coating meets the challenge better than SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating.

SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating System is a premium quality waterproofing coating which is formulated for long term service in the harshest of conditions.

Product Description

Where it's For

SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating system is a premium quality coating designed to waterproof, protect and beautify commercial and industrial roofs. It is made with pure aluminium pigments, two special asphalts, high strength micro fibres and high quality ingredients. SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating is recommended for use over smooth asphalt, mineral granule surfaced asphalt, gravel covered asphalt and exposed metal roofs in a wide variety of complete SWEPCO Roof Systems. It is suitable as both a maintenance coating for existing roofs and a final coating for new roofs.

Key Features

What to Know

  • more than twice the aluminium content of many competitive coatings
  • dependable waterproofing performance
  • prolongs roof life
  • improves the energy efficiency of most roofs
  • up to eight times more reflective than typical black roofs
  • up to four times more reflective than typical gravel roofs
  • helps keep buildings which are not air conditioned cooler
  • reduces cooling loads and cooling costs of air conditioned buildings
  • helps keep buildings warmer in winter
  • protects asphalt roofs from damaging ultraviolet radiation
  • helps protect metal roofs from rust, corrosion and many harmful industrial pollutants
  • easy to apply
Coverage Rates

What it Covers

The recommended coverage rate for SWEPCO Aluminium Roof Coating varies depending upon the type of surface:

  • Over Uni+Shield II/Uni+Shield/Exposed Metal – 4 litres per 100 sq. ft. (0.41 liter/m2)
  • Over smooth Asphalt/Heavy duty PolyPly/Asphalt Roll Roofing/Granule Surfaced Asphalt Roll Roofing – 6 litres per 100 sq. ft. (0.61 litre/m2)
  • Over Mineral Granule Covered Asphalt – 8 litres per 100 sq. ft. (0.82 litre/m2)
  • Over Gravel or Other Coarse Aggregate Covered Asphalt – 12 litres per 100 sq. ft. (1.22 litre/m2)
  • Over Asphalt Shingles – 3 litres per 100 sq. ft. (0.31 litre/m2)

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